Hi. This website is about my work in the world.

My work crosses boundaries and is interdisciplinary but united in my concern for human-nature relationships:

I am an Architect, Artist, Writer, Minnesota Design Center U of MN Researcher, Institute on the Environment Fellow, (and citizen-Earthling) working in Green Schools, Environmental Education, Sustainable Design, Environmental Art and Writing.

I am in the process of building this site, and will be adding a list of publications, and more. Meanwhile, I invite you to read installments of "Paradigm Worker," my monthly reflections (currently on hiatus) on how we think about things and why it matters. January 2020's column, Paradigm Workers Unite! [Or Not], explores the title theme of the series. The May 2020 column, Epic Alignment, explores the intersection of personal leadership and gaming. And the June 2020 column considers the growing movement for Planetary Health .

You can reach me at or follow me at:

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