Hi. This website is about my work in the world.

My work crosses boundaries but is united in my concern for human-nature relationships.

I am an Architect, Artist, Writer, Minnesota Design Center U of MN Researcher, Institute on the Environment Fellow, and 'citizen-Earthling' working in Green Schools, Environmental Education, Sustainable and Regenerative Design, Environmental Art and Writing.

This website includes an integrated list of creative exhibitions, publications, and presentations from across my roles and affiliations. You can follow links to other websites to learn more about my University of Minnesota Role working in Green Schools and Environmental Education at the Minnesota Design Center. Or learn about my art studio at Full Spring Studio, LLC & Art-led environmental education at Earth Systems Journey

From this website, I publish "Paradigm Worker," my monthly reflections on how we think about things and why it matters. January 2020's column, Paradigm Workers Unite! [Or Not], explores the title theme of the series. After a hiatus, the July 2021 column, Natural Habits of Hope: Do Turtles Believe in the Future? reflects on what we cast forward from one time into another. You can also find Paradigm Worker on my Medium site.

You can reach me at or follow me at:

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