Hi. This website is about my work in the world.

My work crosses boundaries and is interdisciplinary but united in my concern for human-nature relationships:

I am an Architect, Artist, Writer, Minnesota Design Center U of MN Researcher, Institute on the Environment Fellow, (and citizen-Earthling) working in Green Schools, Environmental Education, Sustainable Design, Environmental Art and Writing.

I am in the process of building this site, and will be adding a list of publications, and more. Meanwhile, I invite you to read the recent installments of "Paradigm Worker," my monthly reflections on how we think about things and why it matters. January's column, Paradigm Workers Unite! [Or Not], explores the title theme of the series. A combined February/March post called Crossing Edges, Shifting Centers considers the role of water in our maps of belonging.

You can reach me at or follow me at:

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